The not so scientific art of making predictions

It takes skills, expertise and years of experience to make accurate predictions on how a business may turn out. Forecasts measured against current trends cannot be easy, and it never is. Those who get it right, especially when amidst heavy storms, have not sucked out their information through the proverbial lucky guesses or through taking weather-beaten gambles. The world’s best gamblers, whether at the famous card tables, in business or in industry, are not gamblers, per se.

Particularly in the case of industry and related technologies, specific skills are required to help drive a business forward. EAM solutions is but one such methodological example of the band of experts required to ensure that an industrious business can function and thrive optimally. No matter how entrepreneurial and maverick the current business owner is, the most prudent of stakeholders will, at some stage of their enterprising endeavor, realize that there is always a good time to learn from others, or lean on others.

From a purely business point of view, it does make sense to rely on skilled others to make apt predictions on behalf of the company. This has been proved time and time again to be a prudent and cost effective move. Rather than expend internal resources at great expense, it is far better to outsource predictive services, no matter what the service industry or industrial processes being catered towards. Making predictions can be deemed a science.

But even at the best of times, technologists sometimes get it wrong. And yet still, there are those who get it right most of the time. Perhaps these experts have elevated their practices to that of a dedicated art. Is it art for art’s sake, or is it business as usual. Let you, the reader, decide.

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